* Francisco Rivadeneira

Breed: KPWN
Discipline: Showjumping
Location: Lima-Peru
Achievements: Showjumping National Champion
General Francisco Rivadeneira Cockburn

Is considered the most experienced equestrian in Perú. He has been riding horses since age 7 and competing as a Show Jumper for over 50 years. At the age of 63, he continues to compete and win over fences 1.20m (3.94ft.) and 1.40m (4.6ft.)

He was able to do this with Intermezzo a brave 16h Thoroughbred

"I have been able to experiment with many supplements. Maca Horse Power and Maca High Power have proven excellent for me and Intermezzo with results I never dreamed of. I discovered Maca Horse Power and Maca High Power right at the moment when I was thinking of retiring Intermezzo from the higher level competitions. Using this supplement gave us results never hoped for. We were able to win twice the National Championships and many major upper level competitions with the help of Maca Horse Power. Intermezzo actually continues to improve and obtain higher levels in Dressage and remains in top condition


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