(Lepidium Peruvianum. Lepidium Meyenii)

Traditionally used for over 3 millennia, Maca was first used in equines by the Spanish “Conquistadors” who fed it to their stressed and dying horses and donkeys due to the extreme weather conditions and high altitudes of the Andes. The strong components of Maca enabled them to survive, adapt and reproduce. Recently rediscovered, its use has spread worldwide as a potent energizer, increasing athletic performance. More...

Improve the health of your horses to achieve and maintain overall WELLNESS.
Provide your horses with the necessary VIGOR to make a difference in today’s competitive environment.
Reach new heights in ENDURANCE that will be second to none.

Horses consuming Maca Horse Power improve their physical and mental disposition.

Maca Horse Power:
Helps build a strong immune system:

Charges  the body with concentrated antioxidants, for  fast  recovery, and healthy joint and muscle function.
Accelerates natural healing by increasing circulation and transport of healing nutrients.
Antiaging and breeding aid.

Active Ingredients:
  Maca powder, Maca extract, annatto, flaxseed, cat's claw extract, purple maize extract.
  (Ingredient description)
Inactive Ingredients:
  Maltodextrin ( added for palatability)
  0.2 gm. / lb / day (0.2 gm. per lb of horse´s body weight per day)
Recommendations for Use:
  Feed 1-2 scoops ( 1 - 2 oz. ) per 1,000 lb. horse. Mix with dry feed for horses in regular exercise or reproduction.


( 3 kg- aprox, 5 month supply)

( 600 gr - aprox, 1 month supply)

Human Product
To make you feel as
good as your horse!


A pure all natural product  from Perú for maximum physical and reproductive performance  in all types of horses.

Does not contain banned substances

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