* Susie Dutta

Horse: GUMSHOES Concentration and Energy
Breed: Warmblood
Discipline: Dressage
Location: Wellington. Florida
Achievements: USET : Panamerican Reserve Team member's Susie Dutta's horse
The WEF season, was well under way, when I met Susie Dutta. Susie is a competitive high level Dressage rider/trainer, USET reserve Pan-American team member, and also a dedicated and caring mother to her 5 year old son Timmy.

We learned from Robbie, her assistant, that they had a wonderful warmblood named Gumshoes who was 17 years old and rapidly loosing energy as the demands of the competitive season progressed.

I gave Gumshoes MacaHorsePower and also gave Robbie and Susie our equivalent Human product, MacaHighPower. After 1 month, I returned to Florida and went to visit them.

"MacaHorsePower has really demonstrated it's benefits in Gummy. After this one month, I definitely noticed a rise in his energy level, he looked forward to work, did not lose his concentration and got very good scores. Now we have started another horse on it who is having the same reaction. I will continue using it on my horses and and the Maca High Power on myself" -Susie Dutta- Wellington Florida- "I cannot imagine life without it now- My Mom and sister were over from England for a visit and immediately noticed the difference in me. They are all going to take it now as well. It speaks by itself, amazing stuff!" - Robbie Sanderson, assistant to Susie Dutta


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