* Coco Peretten

Horse: Gayus
Breed: 29 yr old Westphalian
Discipline: Dressage
Location: Orlando-Florida
Achievements: Veteran refreshed horse
Coco and Gayus REFRESHED
When I met Coco in a fair in a trade fair in Orlando, she told me about her problem with her dear veteran horse Gayus, a very sensitive 28 year old gelding. He had been on a series of different medications and supplements to try to improve his anemic condition, but the side effects of all just would make matters worse for him. She took a jar of MacaHorsePower for Gayus, and one of MacaHighPower for herself:

"So when I started Gayus with MacaHorsePower I started with 1/8th of a scoop. Stayed at 1/8, for two more days, then went to 1/2. The next morning he charged out of his stall.(This is completely acceptable behavior actually excitedly welcomed, cuz that's the Gayus I always knew !!!!!) For the first time, I didn't change anything else with him and for the first time I can tell you he feels better. Out in the pasture AND under saddle!!!!! Thanx Maggie!! What is really cool, is that I feel better too! Not jittery or amped just all around better. Like I just came back from a great vacation!! Refreshed!! "

One of the most evident benefits of Maca is in reduction of stress. Maca may induce the body to produce serotonin, which creates relaxation. As an adaptogen, it may also help lower cortisol (the stress hormone), which interferes with normal serotonin production. Normalizing cortisol will help normalize serotonin levels.?
Proper functioning of the adrenal glands is essential for dealing with stress.. The adrenals are among the most strained glands in the endocrine system, as they must endure the brunt of our emotional health on a daily basis.

It?s critical that the adrenals remain vital and healthy as they are great providers of many hormones and as they?re heavily relied upon during menopause and times of stress. As an adaptogen, Maca tones and strengthens the adrenal glands and thus the entire body, giving us the ability to help resist disease and to effectively combat stress.
Coco is an enthusiastic equestrian who lives in Orlando Florida. She is known too as the ? Toad Juice ? lady , for her effective formulations to solve different skin problems in horses. Gayus is a 28year old Westphalian, flea bitten gray horse trained to Grand Prix Level.


( 3 kg- aprox, 5 month supply)

( 600 gr - aprox, 1 month supply)

Human Product
To make you feel as
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A pure all natural product  from Perú for maximum physical and reproductive performance  in all types of horses.

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