* Maressa and Vanessa Rosales

Breed: American Saddlebred
Discipline: Dressage and Jumping
Location: Costa Rica
Achievements: An astounding recovery
Hola Maggie,

I don?t know how to thank you for all of your care and concern and for the extraordinary experience of participating at CADI. I have some ideas for future events and will tell you about them another time because the important message here is that everything went so well and the kids were so happy?..

I am writing to bring you up to date about our ?picky? Guajira who is no won her tirad day of Ealing MacaHorsePower without any problem whatsoever. The first day I mixed it with grated carrots to make sure she would eat it. She ate it so easily that for the last two days I have added it on top of her feed with no extra treats and she ate it all, not leaving a drop. I should tell you that we were very worried before going to Boston because she did not want to eat at all. We spent a bunch of money and tried all kinds of tricks but she would only eat a little feed and would not touch her hay. She only seemed to want fresh grass. She really surprised out groom yesterday when she devoured the hay he gave her. Today, we were able to give her only hay without the fresh grass and she ate it voraciously along with her feed. Maggie, you told us we should see results in 5 days but, here we are at 3 days and we see this drastic change in her eating habits. I will be sure to keep you updated about this.

You know I prefer to keep all things natural with the horses. A while back we tried homeopathy with Guajira when she had a problem with capsulitis (don?t know what this is in English) and got good results. And now with what we have learned about MacaHorsePower I am sure that we will see amazing things. Guajira is our special love and Maressa?s first horse. They have shared lots of joy and victories together. We want only the best quality of life for Guajira and keep her in splendid health and happiness now that she is 16. And again I want to say that I am so satisfied that MacaHorsePower is a natural. It was good to hear your explanation of how the development of this project will also help the indigenous communities of Peru and give them an opportunity to exist without the necessity to cultivating coca.

We are going to use the two jars of MHP for Guajira and order more for our other love, Manhill. He is still young but works very hard with Maressa. He is jumping big fences and is also her dressage horse.

I hope you enjoy the photos from Beth?s CADI album. I will stay in touch. It was wonderful to meet you and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Cariños, Vanessa (Costa Rica)


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